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Five of the most popular flowers for weddings 💍

Updated: Jan 1

Most popular flowers for weddings - In at number one it has got to be roses! The rose is a staple flower and symbolises love and beauty, which is why it is such a popular choice amongst couples.

Second place, peonies! Now these are one of my personal favourite flowers but they are only in season for a short period of time (late April to mid June), however, they are one of the most expensive flowers.

Third… ranunculus! Ideal for spring and summer weddings. They are an alternative to roses and come in a variety of colours, but are mostly used as a complimentary flower alongside something else stand out.

In fourth place, it's hydrangeas! One of the most popular flowers in the industry, hydrangeas are a great space filler due to the size of their heads.

Last but not least, in at number five is calla lilies! I recently used these for an autumnal wedding and they were beautiful as a bouquet on their own. They come in yellow, orange, ivory, mauve and dark purple, so perfect for a winter wedding.

most popular flowers for weddings

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